If you are traveling to IBAS by taxi, ask either to be dropped off at the out-patient drop off area - entry from Burgundy Street (see the Map)

If mobility is a problem and you are travelling to the Bowen Centre, ask the person you are visiting at IBAS whether you can park directly at the Bowen Centre and see our specific directions how to get there.  Be aware that parking at Bowen is very limited and involves sharp turns and tight parking bays.

A taxi can be ordered for your return journey either by the person you are visiting or by a specific phone located near the exit from Level 3 Harold Stokes Building (exit to the pedestrian bridge over Burgundy Street).

If you are participating in a research participant, please note that only some projects cover the cost of taxi fares to and from appointments.


Each year in Australia 260 people sustain a SCI, with over half losing full function in their arms and legs (quadriplegia). In addition to the primary disability, there is a very high rate of Obstructive...

Driver-fatigue test could stop drowsy people from getting behind the wheelDRIVER-FATIGUE TEST COULD STOP DROWSY PEOPLE FROM GETTING BEHIND THE WHEEL

A roadside test is being developed by Victorian researchers to identify tired drivers and keep them off the road.

Music is the best medicineMUSIC IS THE BEST MEDICINE

This project is developing a proof-of-concept online virtual reality platform designed to deliver telehealth group singing interventions for people with quadriplegia to improve respiratory function, voice, mood, and social connectedness.


Dear IBAS folk We spend a great deal of our time working in clinical trials; devising, writing, running and publishing. A lot of what we do is very specific to each study

"Love Your Lungs" Run to support the Australian Lung Foundation"LOVE YOUR LUNGS" RUN TO SUPPORT THE AUSTRALIAN LUNG FOUNDATION

"On a rainy Sunday morning a number of researchers, clinicians and staff from the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine and the Institute for Breathing and Sleep

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