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We're an incorporated not-for-profit organisation designed to facilitate and coordinate research, education and public advocacy in respiratory and sleep health. Learn more about us.

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We bring together researchers, educators and clinicians to help us understand breathing and sleep.

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IBAS research projects span a wide range of respiratory and sleep disorders.

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Presentation Awards

Congratulations to Rachel Schembri and Hailey Meaklim, who both won awards at the recent ANZCoS conference, which was held in Auckland, New Zealand. The Australian & New Zealand Spinal Cord Society awarded Rachel with Best Scientific Presentation.  Hailey won the…

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Project Spotlight

PLM study

Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome (PLMS) is a common condition that occurs during sleep. The movements are abnormal and in many cases are associated with brief awakenings from sleep causing poor quality sleep, sleepiness and significant…

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Seeking Participants

fMRI study of memory in OSA

This study is looking for untreated OSA patients, aged 22-45, to undergo memory testing and a brain scan. Other exclusion criteria apply.

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